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Over the years, Kent Gordis Productions has done a wide array of production, from shooting 16-mm film in the Sahara Desert, to producing live sports with over 30 cameras.

The equipment is really just a function of the story and how it can be most effectively told. Some productions require major TV mobile unit trucks with dozens of cameras and miles of SMPTE fiber.

Other productions hardly need so much hardware and their stories can be told very well with much less gear. For these types of live productions we can propose our NewTek Tricaster 860 Extreme FlyPack, a highly cost-effective solution that comes with 6 cameras, an instant replay system (similar to an EVS) with 4 feeds in and 2 out, and a digital audio board with 30 inputs.

Our Tricaster can produce in both North American and European HD standards, and can encode directly to the internet for any webcasts.

  • 1x NewTek Tricaster 860 Extreme. Can encode directly to the internet, dual USA & Int’l HD system ready

  • 1x NewTek 3Play video playback & instant replay device (4 in and 2 out)

  • 1x Black Magic Teranex 3D two-way processor & frame synch

  • 1x Black Magic 20 x 20 router/matrix

  • 4x Sony PMW-300A cameras  with return & tally

  • 2x Sony EX3 cameras (for handheld) with tally

  • 1x GoPro Hero 4 with accessories

  • 5x 1,500-ft. spools of TAC-4 fiber (with converters)

  • 1x NewBlue Titler Live 4 Broadcast 2-channel character generator

  • 1x Allen & Heath 30-track digital audio console

  • 2x Sennheiser headset/mics

  • 3x Electro-Voice RE16 hand mics

  • 1x wireless IFB

  • 2x commentary “cough boxes”

  • 8x video monitors

  • 1x Full 2-channel production comms (12 headset packs)

  • Approx. 2,000 ft of XLR audio cable

  • Approx. 2,500 ft of BNC coaxial cable

  • 4x AJA HI5

  • 2x AJA HA5

  • Tables, chairs & electric

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