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In Development

In a constantly changing world and entertainment industry, one constant is good storytelling.

Kent Gordis Productions is working on developing some powerful stories that aim to inspire and entertain.

Home Less 4in.png

One of the most intractable issues in American society is our chronic homeless problem.

Using one of Reality TV's most popular formats, the contest or game show, our proposal is to assist a small group of homeless to escape the misery and stigma of their condition.

While "Home Less" will provide assistance, there are no predetermined outcomes and the series will be a fascinating and gripping look at the challenges facing the homeless to establish a stable life.

I See You 4in.png

For most of history people with intellectual disabilities have been relegated out of sight, warehoused in society's darkest shadows.

This has only begun to change in the past quarter century and now the intellectually disabled are finally free to live their lives freely and openly.

Challenges nevertheless remain, especially for adults with intellectual disabilities who want a good job, their own place to live and a meaningful romantic relationship.


Kent Gordis is currently writing six scripts:

  • A social upheaval drama set in the American Civil War

  • A coming-of-age story of a troubled youth who turns out to be a musical prodigy

  • A fish-out-of-water dramatic romance about a high-end concierge in an ultraluxury boutique hotel who is hiding a very sensitive secret

  • A buddy dark comedy about the happenstance partnership between a black and white cop that unearths a major corruption scam

  • The harrowing fish-out-of-water tale of Russian immigrants who come to America to discover that the streets are not paved of gold​

  • A Santa Claus comedy that will upend many of the conventions of the genre

Anyone interested in these scripts, please contact us at

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